Ceramic Protection

Naked Glass Ceramic Gold is a world leader in ceramic protections.

Providing your vehicle superior protection and shine.

Although it's original use and design stems from the protection of automotive paintwork, it doesn't stop there.

Tiles, benches, acrylic shower lining and aluminium framing among many other hard surfaces that can be sealed with the magic that is Ceramic Gold.


Ceramic Gold will provide your vehicle:

  • A super-hydrophobic (water repellent) surface

  • UV Damage Resistance

  • Highly Glossy Finish

  • Resistance to high temperatures

  • Prevention of Oxidation and Corrosion

  • Scratch Resistance

  • Super hard surface (once set, can only be removed by polishing)

  • Resistance to chemical damage

  • Easy-clean surface


For superior, prolonged protection of your car's paint and other surfaces, you can't look past Naked Glass Ceramic Gold.


Why not make life easier and nicer to look at!?


No, more waxing and polishing, how your vehicle looks when it is applied, is how it will stay looking.


A simple wash and rinse will return your vehicle from a filthy dust and dirt covered machine to the high-gloss out of the showroom look that your vehicle deserves.

Shower tiles will be easy to upkeep with the non-stick surface aiding to prevent soap scum build up on the toughest areas of your shower.


Your boat exterior will me repelling the hard salt water as it glides along the sea. The porcelain basins are a rinse away from their brand new look.


There are so many uses for Naked Glass Ceramic Gold. One simple search for Ceramic Protection, and you'll see the endless benefits to having your surfaces protected with a ceramic.

Now the best thing about this all... Is the Price. Naked Glass offers you the tools to Do it Yourself at a price you can afford. Head to the Store to purchase this amazing product.