Naked Glass Repel

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Glass gets dirty... Now that's no secret.

It can be incredibly difficult to remove hard water stains for your glass... Again, no secret.

Though you can eliminate the need for potentially hours of scrubbing, by using this simple but effective solution.

Naked Glass Repel will seal your glass, leaving it incredibly easy to maintain.

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Glass w_ Soap Scum _ Repel.jpg

= Soap Scum/Hard Water

= Glass

= Naked Glass Repel

As shown in these diagrams here, glass is porous. Meaning there are very tiny bumps and divots in what appears a smooth surface.


This is why the stains get locked in and are in any normal case very hard to shift.


When you're aiming to exfoliate (in this case it's just another word for scratching) the surface, you are aiming to cut the stains off. Which can take an immense amount of time and also prove very hard to get into those crevices and completely remove the marks.

With the diagram on the right, you see how Naked Glass Repel fills in the pores of the glass, smoothing out the surface and leaving a transparent, non-stick coating.


Any soap scum or water then sits on top of the glass, not fully penetrating into the porous surface. Therefore maintaining it's easy-to-clean nature and any residue can be wiped away with water and a cloth.

View the Naked Glass Repellent & Protector SDS here