Shower Cleaning Service

Shower Cleaning Service

Tauranga, Hamilton, Christchurch  - The BEST shower cleaning and protection service around.

Shower Glass Cleaning

Watermarks, soap scum, calcium build-up, mineral deposits and limescale can permanently stain your shower glass. It leaves a horrible unclean view in your bathroom, which seems impossible to scrub clean.

We have services available for the Hamilton, Tauranga and Christchurch regions, with experienced teams set up to give you the best possible result for your shower cleaning. Don't worry if you're not in these regions as if you are looking to purchase the DIY products we ship nationwide!

The Naked Glass range of products and services will ensure that your shower is brought back to the crystal clear look of when it was first installed. Then we'll even go one step better... Applying a layer of hydrophobic protection on your shower to keep it's brand new look.


This layer adds a non-stick coating, filling in the porous nature of the glass leaving no way for the mineral to permanently infect the surface and ruin its look.

Professional Shower Restoration & Protection Package (top up kit included)


Professional Shower Protection Package

(top up kit included)


Do It Yourself shower restoration & Protection Package

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